Summary of Ph.D. Programme

Summary of Ph.D. Programme

The Faculty of Law offers one postgraduate programme conducted in English laguage as of the academic year 2022/2023 (“the English Programme”). 

The English Programme is accredited for a standard four-year period of study which means that students are expected to fulfil all their study duties within this timeframe.

Doctoral students progress in their studies accordingly to the Individual Study Plan (ISP) created in cooperation with their supervisor at the beginning of first academic year.

Basic obligations prescribed for all Ph.D. candidates within the English Programme are as follows:

  • Introduction to Law from the Perspective of Central Europe

(1st year / winter semester, code: HD127)

The course introduces students not only to the Czech legal order and its principles, but also to the basics of the legal order and core legal principles of other European countries especially those neighbouring the Czech Republic.

  • Academic Writing

(1st year / summer semester, code: HD119)

Block of seminars guaranteed by the faculty´s interdisciplinary Centre for Legal Skills offered by the end of the winter semester and beginning of the summer semester in the 1st year of study. The seminar is focused on the methodology of law and other related research and specificity of writing within the academic domain of law. The course is completed by passing a colloquium.

  • Ph.D. Seminar – Law and Legal Theory in European Context

(1st year / summer semester OR 2nd year / winter semester, code: HD314)

Presentation of an expanded dissertation project is to be made at a meeting of postgraduate students of the respective programme under supervision of the programme guarantor by the end of the summer semester in the 1st year of study or the beginning of the winter semester in the 2nd year of study.

  • Examination in one of the following languages:

(must be fulfilled prior to the State Doctoral Examination)

a. German (code: HD113)
b. French (code: HD114)
c. Italian (code: HD117)
d. Spanish (code: HD116)
e. Russian (code: HD115)

Foreign Language Exam

Postgraduate students are expected to join research projects under their supervisor´s lead, attend conferences and to develop their publishing activities.

Other Obligatory ISP Items

  • State Doctoral Examination (code: HD214)

Prior fulfilment of the obligations mentioned above is required.

Conducted under the supervision of a respective guarantor. A particular subject of examination is derived from the topic of a Ph.D. thesis (international law, criminal law, etc.).

  • Defence of Dissertation (code: HD999)

Publication of a partial output of the dissertation research is required. That means at least one publication within the topic of a student´s dissertation. It is possible to use publisher´s confirmation of the intent to publish the whole dissertation.