The programme seeks to provide an insight into intricate legal issues related to human health and mental and physical well-being. It encompasses all the fundamental areas of medical and sports law, from legal liability to health insurance systems to the regulation of sports activities,  medical and sports ethics, and much more. Many courses are taught in highly interactive ways, connecting LL.M. students with other Czech and international students and experts.
It is designed for present or future attorneys-at-law or employees active in the health sector including hospitals, ministries, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, but also for persons involved in the legal business of sports associations or clubs and anyone deeply interested in the relevant topics.

  • Mandatory courses

    Winter semester:

    Introduction to Health Law, responsible supervisor: JUDr. Helena Van Beersel Krejčíková, Ph.D.
    The course is a ten-week course exploring the fundamental basis of health law, including its concept, a wider European perspective, patient rights, legal liability, health insurance systems, medical research, or palliative care. Within the course, the principles of health law regarding the health system and mutual relationships between all relevant subjects will be discussed, both in general and with a focus on specific areas in health law, in order to provide the students with a valuable insight into this complex field.

    Legal Liability in Healthcare, responsible supervisor: JUDr. Mgr. Martin Šolc, Ph.D. 
    The course will offer an introduction to crucial concepts and principles of the civil and criminal liability of providers of health services as well as individual health professionals. Besides the Czech national law, a comparison with selected foreign legal regulations will be discussed in order to achieve a broader overview of the legal principles applied within the area of providing healthcare.

    General Introduction to Sports Law and Related Health Policy, responsible supervisor: JUDr. David Kohout, Ph.D.
    This course introduces basic legal concepts applicable in the area of sport. It shall look at the principles of functioning of sport governing bodies, interdependence of sport rules, domestic law, EU law, and international law. The topics are presented not only from the theoretical point of view but also with reference to relevant practical cases and other materials.


    Summer semester:

    Law and Ethics in Medicine, responsible supervisor: JUDr. Helena Van Beersel Krejčíková, Ph.D.Within this course, real medical cases will be discussed with the students in order to show the Czech medico-legal framework for clinical practice together with (sometimes) colliding bioethical norms. Besides, the selected issues, such as euthanasia, abortion, wrongful life, assisted reproduction, rationing etc., will also be analysed from the perspective of foreign medical law, with the intention to enable the students to understand the whole complexity of the topic.  


    Legal Regulation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, responsible supervisor: Mgr. Igor Pieš, Mgr. Milena Hoffmanová.
    The course of focused on the legal regulation of pharmaceuticals in the Czech Republic. The topics, which are discussed in greater detail include regulatory and marketing aspects of Pharmaceuticals. The course provides an introduction to the legal regulation of clinical trials distribution and dispensation. A part of the course is dedicated to self-regulation.


  • Optional courses

    Winter Semester:

    Public Health, responsible supervisor: prof. JUDr. Milan Damohorský, DrSc, JUDr. Michal Sobotka, Ph.D.

    The goal of the course is to provide students with the knowledge of the requirements of the legal regulation of the protection of public health in the world, EU, and the Czech Republic. The course will analyse legal and political questions related to the composition and functioning of public health authorities. The course will also deal with the issues of spas, water and waste management, veterinary, and phytosanitary care etc. 

    US and European Perspectives on Health-Related Issues in Sport, responsible supervisor: Sean Davidson, J.D.

    The purpose of this course is to investigate and analyse a number of health-related issues in sports from the comparative perspective of both U.S. and European law. Topics covered include the following: legal liability for injuries to participants in sport, the assumption of risk doctrine, legal liability of educational institutions, liability of professional clubs for fans’ misconduct, and human rights concerns in sporting competitions. This is a seminar-style course in which students are required to read cases and articles in preparation for in-class discussion and analysis of fresh hypotheticals. Students are assessed in this course in the form of presentations and a final paper.    

    Summer semester:

    Healthcare in Cultural, Religious, and other Perspectives, responsible supervisor: JUDr. Helena Van Beersel Krejčíková, Ph.D.

    Healthcare can nowadays without a doubt offer highly sophisticated technology and know-how resulting in better quality of life of patients, their higher recovery chances etc. However, the current legal framework often embraces secular values and is reflective of the Western liberal-individualist tradition. This course will discuss the legal position of patients with different cultural or religious background and their potential marginalisation within the western healthcare system.

    Civil and Criminal Liability in Sport, Contractual Obligations in Sport, responsible supervisor: JUDr. Martin Sup, Ph.D., JUDr. Vít Kučera
    Civil and Criminal Liability
    This lecture deals with civil liability of athletes for injuries caused by them during the course of sporting. It includes a basic introduction to the relation of law and sport in general, definition the notions that are of basic nature for further exploration of the athletes’ civil liability, such as notion of sport, the examination of the athlete’s legal nature (entrepreneur, employee etc.). 

    Contracts in Sport
    In this module, the audience will gain a detailed understanding of the issue of contractual relations in the sporting environment in the context of the current economic situation and the everyday functioning of sports clubs and organisations of today. In addition to the general, theoretical part introducing contract law, this module focuses mainly on the practical projection of the specifics of sport into specific contractual relationships, especially professional contracts between sports clubs and athletes or contracts in the field of marketing or merchandising.

    Doping, Health, and Law, responsible supervisor: JUDr. Markéta Vochoska Haindlová, LL.M.
    The aim of the course is to present the topic of doping in sport through an introductory general theoretical block, which will be followed by lessons focused on specific main areas and subjects of doping regulation in sport as one of the branches of sports law. The link between sport and law is not entirely new, but as the economic dimension of the sport sector is becoming more and more important, so is the regulation of doping in sport through the rules set by states as well as international and national organizations. The structure of the course should reflect the interdisciplinarity nature of sports law with a focus on doping, which draws on private and public law norms, the internal regulations of individual organizations, as well as national and international legislation and case law.

    Dispute Resolution in Sport-Related Matters, responsible supervisor: JUDr. David Kohout, Ph.D.
    Sport requires efficient and speedy procedure for settling of cases that arise out of sport-related activities. This course shall aim at the ways of how sport disciplinary and arbitration bodies deal with these proceedings. Nevertheless, the possible ways of interference of national and/or international courts with sport disputes will also be explored.


Applicants without a valid visa need to apply
before April 30th each year.