Tuition fee

Tuition fee

Together with the application the applicant must send a proof of the payment of (non-refundable) application fee of 200,- USD 
(to be paid prior to the date of application). This can be proven by e.g. a scanned copy of the bank order etc.

This part of the fee shall be paid to the account of the Faculty of Law given below:


For payments in USD

Account No.: 123-2676360267/0100
IBAN: CZ5201000001232676360267


For payments in EURO

Account No.: 27-3572410287/0100
IBAN: CZ9201000000273572410287


For payments in CZK

Account No.: 85738011/0100
IBAN: CZ4701000000000085738011

Variabilní symbol: 888

Account Name: UK v Praze - Právnická fakulta
Bank name: Komercni banka Praha 2
Address of the bank branch: Italska 2, Praha 2
Amount due: USD 200,- (any transfer costs which may be charged by all involved banks are to be borne by you).
In the „Message for Recipient“ in the payment order do not forget to mention your “Name” and the word „LLM application“.


Tuition fee amounts to USD 6.000 for the whole Programme. Successful applicants notified of their admission are required to secure their admission with an advance payment of the full tuition fee (6.000,- USD) by 31st August each year. (More details as to the payment of the tuition fee will be given to the successful applicants when notified of their admision).

If the payment is being made in EURO/CZK, please, convert the amount due in USD to the respective currency using the exchange rates used by the Czech National Bank on the day of the payment. 

Students are responsible for financing their living expenses while staying in Prague. Upon request, the national authorities or information centres in the countries of which the foreign students are nationals provide advice concerning post-graduate scholarships and other available sources of funding offered by national and international foundations and enterprises. Applications for grants have to be processed by the earliest possible date. The Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague will not provide any scholarships to LL.M. candidates in the next academic year.


Recently an offer of bursaries for LL.M. applicants has been published on the webpage:

(offered by


Nationals of certain countries may consider to apply for scholarships provided by the Visegrad Fund (Intra-Visegrad and In-Coming scholarships):