Teaching staff profiles

Teaching staff profiles

▶ VLADIMÍR BALAŠ, Doc. JUDr., CSc. Former director and research fellow of the Institute of Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences, lecturer at the Law Faculty of the Charles University in Prague, He is (was) a member of many professional institutions: International Academy of Comparative Law (Paris); Permanent Court of Arbitration (the Hague); ICSID Panel of Arbitrators (Washington); Internatinal Law Association (ILA - London); ILA Committee on the Law of Foreign Investment 2003-2008; British Institute of International and Comparative Law (London); Czech Bar Association; Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic; President of Czech ILA Branch. During his career he has devoted his attention to number of fields of specific expertise: International Public Law; International Investment Law; Peaceful Settlement of Disputes; International Arbitration; Counsel in ICSID and ad hoc (mostly UNCITRAL) investment arbitrations.

▶ ALENA BÁNYAIOVÁ, JUDr., CSc., practising lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in economic and commercial law. Received her doctoral degree (JUDr.) from Charles University in 1973; in 1988 received CSc. degree (PhD. equivalent) from Charles University. Served as an arbitrator at the Czechoslovak State Arbitration Agency, between 1976-87 a member of the Legislative Department of the Czechoslovak State Arbitration Agency, between 1988-89 research scholar at the Institution of State and Law of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and since 1991 has worked in private practice. A member of the Committee for Private Law of the Legislative Council of the Government of the Czech Republic. A member of the Czech Bar and the International Bar Association. Since 2001 arbitrator with the Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic with its seat in Prague.

▶ VERONIKA BÍLKOVÁ, Doc. PhDr., JUDr., Ph.D., E.MA, graduated from the Law Faculty of Charles University (Mgr. 2001, Ph.D. 2006, JUDr. 2007, specialization: international law), the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University (Mgr. 2003, PhDr. 2004, specialization: political science and French philology) and the European Master Program in Human Rights and Democratization (E.MA 2004). Research fellow at the Institute of International Relations in Prague (since 2001). Internship at the International Commission of Jurists in Geneva (2005). Awarded several prizes (Hlávka Prize 2001, Gilbert Apollis Prize 2001, Bolzano Prize 2006) and scholarships (Sasakawa 2003, Hus Foundation 2005). Publications in Czech, English and French mainly on terrorism, the use of force, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, human rights and the UN reform.

▶ MICHAEL BOGDAN, Prof.,  JUDr. , B.A., LL.M. and juris doctor (Lund). Born in 1946 in former Czechoslovakia. Since 1968 has lived in Sweden and since 1995 has been Professor of Comparative and Private International Law in the Law Faculty of the University of Lund. His previous positions were Professor of Private Law and International Trade Law (1985-1995) and Associate Professor of International Law (1978-1984), both at the University of Lund. Member and former President of GEDIP (Groupe européen de droit international privé), member of the International Academy of Comparative Law and associated member of the Institut de droit international. Author of ten books and more than 400 articles and reviews, mainly in the fields of private international law and comparative law.

▶ DAGMAR ČERNÁ, JUDr., PhDr., Ph.D., LL.M., graduated from the Law Faculty of  Charles University, received doctoral degree and Philosophiae Doctor with the specialization in international law, constitutional law and European law. She also graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University – the Institute of International Studies, field of German and Austrian Studies. At the University of Konstanz she graduated from LL.M. programme specialized in international law, European law and German  national law. Currently working at the International Law Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and is an external teacher at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University. Author of book: Standard of Human Rights in Europe (Prague: Charles University of Prague, Law Faculty, 2009) and has also published many articles.

▶ MILAN DAMOHORSKÝ, Prof., JUDr., DrSc., graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1985. Before becoming a teacher (1989–2005) and later Professor of Environmental Law at Charles University in 2005, he served as lawyer specialist at the State Institute for Nature Conservation. At present he is Vice-Dean for Foreign Affairs, Head of the Environmental Law Department and Director of the CLS Programme. He is a member of the Commission of Environmental Law of the International Union for Nature Conservation and a member of European Council of Agricultural Law (from 1997), and president of the Czech Society for Environmental Law (from 2001). His main publications comprise monographs on environmental law liability and nature conservation. Author or co-author of more than 200 books, commentaries, textbooks and articles on environmental law issues. Damohorský, M., Drobník, J., Smolek, M., Sobotka, M., Stejskal, V.: Environmental Law. 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions. Publishing house C. H. Beck 2003, 2007, 2010; Damohorský, M.: Czech Environmental Law, Textbook, Czech Law and the European Union, Volume 2, Charles University, Prague 2003 and 2006.

▶ SEAN DAVIDSON, J.D., obtained a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in Psychology in 2001 from Davidson College (Davidson, NC, USA) and then a Juris Doctor degree (J.D.) in Law in 2005 from the University of North Carolina School of Law (Chapel Hill, NC, USA). While in law school, he was selected as a staff member for the North Carolina Law Review, the most widely read law journal at the university.

▶ DAVID ELISCHER, Doc., JUDr., PhDr., Ph.D., member of the Civil Law Department, graduated at the Law Faculty of Charles University in 2005, received his doctoral degree (JUDr.) in 2006 and Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) in 2009 from CharlesUniversity. He wrote his dissertation thesis on Wrongfulness and damage as prerequisites of civil responsibility in European legal context. Within the Civil Law Department where he works as an assistant professor he deals with the law of obligations, particularly with its general part, contracts and civil responsibility (torts). He also concentrates on family law, namely on so-called alternative ways of cohabitation such as registered partnership, unmarried cohabitation, PACS etc. Within the family law, he focuses on the social and legal protection of children in a comparative way. In 2008–2009 he was a member of a working group on new Czech civil code by the Legislation Council of the Czech Government.

▶ ONDŘEJ FRINTA, JUDr., Ph.D., member of the Department of Civil Law, graduated from the Law Faculty of Charles University in 2004, received his doctoral degree (JUDr.) from Charles University in 2005 and Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) in 2008. As a postgraduate student at the Department of Civil Law at the same faculty, he focused on issues concerning the legal regulation of subjects, namely of those with artificial nature, their legal personality, etc. He is also interested in legal issues concerning new reproductive techniques and related issues of the establishment of parental relationships, surrogate motherhood, etc.

▶ VĚRA HONUSKOVÁ, JUDr., Ph.D., graduated from the Law Faculty of Charles University, currently finishing her Ph.D. studies with the theme of her doctoral thesis being Definition of refugee and its interpretation and application in contemporary public international law at the International Law Department of the Law Faculty, where she works as anassistant professor. For many years she worked in non-governmental organizations dealing with refugees and migrants. Mgr. Honusková specializes in migration, asylum and refugee law and human rights, and she is leader of the law clinic of asylum and refugee law. She is member of the academy network Odysseus Network, European Society of International Law and Czech Society of International Law and was awarded SASAKAWA fellowship scholarship in 2007. She has been a speaker at many conferences and is an active publisher in the field of the family reunion and the influence of European law on Czech law, as well as other topics. She is the author or co-author of numerous books, e.g. Šturma, P., Honusková, V. eds.  Theory and practice of asylum and refugees, lecture notes, Prague, 2006.  Honusková, V.: The concept of “refugee” in acquis and its transposition into the national law, In Jílek, D., Pořízek P. (eds): Common European asylum system : transposition of directions, Public Defender of Rights Office, Brno, 2008. Honusková, V. : Concurrent jurisdiction in the merger of a family law. In From the codification of the international law to its fragmentation, 18 pages, Prague, 2009. Kosař, D., Molek, P., Honusková, V., Jurman, M., Lupačová, H.:  Act on Asylum. Commentary. Prague: Wolters Kluwer ČR, 2010.

▶ STANISLAVA HÝBNEROVÁ, Doc. PhDr., CSc., has a degree in philosophy and a law degree from Charles University. She studied at the Indian School of International Studies in New Delhi where she wrote her thesis. After fulfilling different assignments she joined the Faculty of Law of Charles University where she is now associate professor at the Department of International Law (and Politics) with focus on international law and on human rights. She is one of the founders of the Czech branch of the International Studies Association and of the Czech Atlantic Commission. She has lectured at several foreign universities, mostly American.In 1995 she taught the course Central and Eastern Europe: Two Hundred Years of Nationalism in the summer session at Adelphi University in New York. Since 1996 she has been teaching the course Russian Road to Democracy for the English speaking students at the Economics University in Prague.

▶ KARTINA A. CHOONG, Dr., is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Medical Law & Ethics at the University of Central Lancashire UK where she is also the Course Leader for their LLM in Forensic and Law Medicine. She is a qualified Barrister and an Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator. She has taught Medical Law & Ethics at several universities in the UK and around the world. She has published widely, particularly on legal issues relating to the role of religion and culture in end-of-life care.

▶ KASTNER PATRIK, Mgr., studied at Law Faculty, Charles University in Prague, and is a member of the Czech Bar Association. His area of expertise consists of pharmaceuticals and medical devices law, including regulatory law issues, clinical trial agreements, pricing & reimbursement, distributions issues, marketing and advertising projects. He is Chairman of the Ethics Committee of Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry (AIFP) in the Czech Republic and has advised clients — including leading multinational companies — on administrative law procedures and public law. Patrik Kastner has contributed articles to various Baker & McKenzie publications, including "Promoting Medical Products in Europe & North America," ”Clinical Trials in Europe,” “Advertising Laws of Pharmaceuticals in Europe,” "European Privacy Laws" and "Distribution and Agency Laws in Europe.”

▶ DAVID KOHOUT, JUDr., Ph.D., graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in 2009. There he also acquired his Ph.D. in 2013 and JUDr. in 2014. During 2007/2008 he also studied at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Since graduation he has been holding the position of the Head of International Office of the Faculty of Law and since 2014 he holds a research position for Sports Law at the Faculty of Law of Charles University. Between 2010-2011 he was a secretary of the Appelate and Revision Comission of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, subsequently member of its Commission on Players´ Agents. Since 2013 he has been a member of the Board of Arbitrators of the Football Association of the Czech Republic. He publishes articles on Sports Law and coordinates educational activities in this area. He is a member of the Czech Association of Sports Law.

▶ PETR KOTÁB, JUDr., Ph.D., graduated 1985. He is a member of the Department of Financial Law and Financial Science of Charles University Faculty of Law in Prague and was formerly a visiting professor at the University of Connecticut. He also lectured at the University of Economics in Prague, the Metropolitan University in Prague and the Central European University. Previously, he was a member of several expert commissions of the Czech Government and a member of supervisory boards of several major financial institutions. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of Senate of the Appellate Commission of the Czech National Bank. He is an author or co-author of several university textbooks on financial law and more than 40 other publications. He is a member of the Czech Chamber of Advocates, Slovak Chamber of Advocates, the International Bar Association and the International Fiscal Association.

▶ JAKUB KRÁL, JUDr. Ph.D., graduated from the Law Faculty, Masaryk University in Brno, where he successfully completed his PhD studies. Jakub Král started his career at the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. After that he was Head of the Medical Devices Branch at the State Institute for Drug Control. Presently Jakub Král is a managing partner in Porta Medica (educating company in pharmaceutical regulation area), he is also a legal expert of Erudikum (non-profit-making educating organization) and Koalice pro zdraví (patients’ organization). Jakub Král lectures medical law as an external co-worker on couple of universities.

▶ RICHARD KRÁL, Prof. JUDr., LL.M., Ph.D., professor of European law at the Charles University Faculty of Law since 1992. Graduated from the Law Faculty in1986. Master of EC Law at the University of Amsterdam (1990–91). Member of the Legislative Council of the Czech Government. Author of many books, textbooks and articles on European law issues, e.g. Transposition and implementation of EC Directives in the EU member states and Czech Republic, Prague C. H. Beck 2002; Principles of application of EC law by national courts, Prague C. H. Beck 2003; National application and implementation of EC regulations, Prague C. H. Beck 2006; National Normative implementation of EC Regualtions : an exceptional or rather common matter?, European Law Review, 2/2008.

▶ HELENA KREJČÍKOVÁ, JUDr., Ph.D., studied at Law Faculty, Charles University, and at Berner Graduiertenschule für Strafrechtswissenschaft, Bern, Switzerland. She is both a scientific employee at the Centre for Medical Law of the Law Faculty and a member of the University Centre for Human Rights at the Charles University, Prague. Besides, she is a scientific researcher and legal expert of the Honorary Board of the Czech Medical Chamber and a consultant of the Czech Society on Palliative Medicine.

▶ FILIP KŘEPELKA, Doc., JUDr., Ph.D., is an associate professor and the head of the Department of International and European Law, Law Faculty, Masaryk University in Brno. To Filip Křepelka’s scientific and research activities belong among others: theory and practice of federalism and European integration, international and European regulation of economic activities, free movement of services and persons, public aid limits, legal aspects of healthcare, law and ethics of biomedical research, basic rights.

▶ JAN KUKLÍK, Prof., JUDr., DrSc., the present Dean of the Law Faculty. Graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1989 (JUDr.); awarded Doctorate in legal theory and history (1995); in 1991–92 a visiting graduate student at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University, where he specialized in Czech and Czechoslovak legal history, with a focus on the l9th and 20th centuries. Publications on Czechoslovak legal history and foreign policy during the interwar period and WW II; monograph: The Establishment of the Czechoslovak National Committee and Provisional Government in Exile.

▶ VÍT KUČERA, Mgr., graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague in 2007. Already during his studies he focused on practical application of law, with orientation on disputes resolution, M & A, sports law and legal problematics of start-ups, in which he had already gotten more than 6 years experience in leading Czech law firm before establishing his own law office. Vít is an author of several articles in these areas and co-author of a book on the topic of sports law. He is a member of the Legislative Council of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, member of the Board of Arbitrators of the Football Association of Czech Republic and member of the International Association of Sports Law.

▶ ZDENĚK KÜHN, Doc., JUDr., Ph.D., LL.M., S.J.D., earned his Ph.D. degree from the Charles University School of Law, Prague, Czech Republic,  in 2001, and his LL.M. and S.J.D. degrees from the  University of Michigan Law School  in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2002, 2005 respectively . Zdenek Kühn is Associate Professor of Jurisprudence at the Charles University Law School. In 2007 he was appointed Justice ad hoc at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and in 2008 Justice of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic. He is author of 3 books, co-editor of 2 other books. He has written a number of articles published in the Czech Republic, USA, Great Britain, China, Russia, the Netherlands etc. His academic interest includes issues of jurisprudence, constitutional interpretation, fundamental rights and constitutional aspects of European integration.

▶ ALENA MACKOVÁ, Doc., JUDr., Ph.D., graduated 1985 (Charles University Prague), Ass. Professor at the Civil Law Dept., PHARE Programme Expert. Author of Independence of the Judge, 1996 (awarded The Rector of the Charles Universityand the Rule of Law Foundation Prizes), Attorney’s Services (C. H. Beck, 2002), Civil Procedure in Czech Republic (Kluwer, 2007), E-government Act, Commentary (Kluwer, 2009),  and many others. The Democratic Institution Felowship fellow (Brussels1992). Visiting lecturer and scholar at the Catholic University Leuven, University of Passau, LMU Munich and  ViennaUniversity. Research Study  at the Court of Justice of European Communities (Court of First Instance). Research interests include issues such as the role of the judge, the effectiveness of judicial protection of rights, legal aid etc.

 DAVID MARX, MUDr., Ph.D., is a paediatrician, expert on issues regarding quality and safety in healthcare, vice- dean of the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague. He is also a lecturer at 3rd Faculty of Medicine and Law Faculty, Charles University, Prague and Law Faculty, Palacky University, Olomouc. David Marx is a director of the Czech Joint Commission for Accreditation (Spojená akreditační komise) and a member of Joint Commission International. He has been the first expert for quality and safety in healthcare appointed by Ministry of Health in the Czech Republic.

▶ JAROMÍR MATĚJEK, MUDr. et ThLic., Ph.D., Th.D., from 1995 to 2009 he was a pediatrician in pediatric ward of the regional hospital. Besides of that he studied medical ethics (Ph.D.) and theology (Th.D). From 2012 he is a lecturer and academic researcher of the Institute for Ethics of the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. He also teaches theological ethics in its Catholic Theological Faculty. Autumn 2014 he spent as International Visiting Fellow in Medical Ethics in Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. He is member of Ethical Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and member of the committee of the Czech Society for Palliative medicine. His professional interests are: clinical medical ethics, end-of-life decisions, the substitute decision making.

▶ ANNA NEVEČEŘALOVÁ, Mgr., is a lawyer with a specialisation on health law and ethics in medicine. Anna Nevečeřalová studied law at the Law Faculty, applied ethics at the Catholic Theological Faculty, Charles University, Prague, and theology focusing on Christian ethics at the Oxford University, Great Britain.

▶ MONIKA PAUKNEROVÁ, Prof., JUDr., CSc., graduated from Charles University; postgraduate study at the Institute of State and Law at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in Prague and since 1980 research fellow there. Since 1993 lecturer and since 2002 Professor in Private International Law and International Commercial Law at the Faculty of Law. More than 30 years experience in this field. Since 2003 member of the International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL), since 2007 President of the Czech National Committee of the IACL. Since 2004 member of the European Group for Private International Law. Since 1990 President of the Czech National Committee of the International Association of Legal Sciences (IALS), since 2003 member of the International Committee of Comparative Law of the IALS, member of the Czech National Committee of the International Law Association. Since 1985 arbitrator at the Arbitration Court in Prague. Author of about 150 publications.

▶ MICHAELA POVOLNÁ, Mgr., graduated from the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague. She also studied in Vienna and Venice and holds an advance master’s degree in human rights and democratisation. She is a member of the Centre of Medical Law at the Faculty of Law and a lecturer at the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. In 2014 her PhD research project on the topic of healthcare rationing in the Czech Republic was successfully accepted for funding by the Charles University Grant Agency.

▶ LUKÁŠ PRUDIL, JUDr. et. Ing., Ph.D., is an attorney at law, residing in Brno. He studied at Masaryk University, Brno, Faculty of Law (Master degree in law), Mendel Agricultural and Forestry University, Brno, Faculty of Management and Economics (Engineer/master degree in economics and management), Masaryk University, Brno, Faculty of Medicine (Ph.D. degree in social medicine). Lukáš Prudil is a senior lecturer at Masaryk University, Brno, Faculty of Law, he also holds lectures on different issues at Palacký University, Olomouc, Medical Faculty, Faculty of Health Sciences, Charles University, Prague, Medical Faculty, National Center of Nursing, Brno and numerous congresses and conferences.

▶ HARALD CHRISTIAN SCHEU, Doc., Mag. phil., Dr. iur., Ph.D., educated at the University of Salzburg (Dr. iur., 1995, Mag. phil., 1996) and the University of Prague (Ph.D., 1997, Doc., 2006). Numerous Fellowships (Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht in Heidelberg, University of Bern, European University Institute in Florence). Member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London. From 1997 to 2006 at the Department of International Law, since 2006 at the Department of European Law of the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. In 2001 and 2002 Guest Lecturer at the University  of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. From 2005 to 2006 Attaché for European Affairs at the Austrian Embassy in Prague. Teaches and conducts research in issues concerning  International and European Law and International Human Rights Law.

▶ KURT SIEHR, Prof., dr. iur., Ph.D., born on 28 July 1935 in Sovetsk (Tilsit), former East Prussia, Germany. Primary and secondary school in Tilsit, Hohenems (Austria), Hamburg-Harburg, Buxtehude. Law study in Hamburg (Germany) and Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA). First and second bar examination in Hamburg. 1963 Master of Comparative Law at the University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1970 Dr. iur. at the University of Hamburg. Research assistant and research associate at the Hamburg Max-Planck-Institute of Comparative and International Private Law from 1963-1991. 1980 PhD at the University of Zürich Faculty of Law (Switzerland). Lecturer, associate and full professor of private law, private international law and comparative law at the University of Zürich Faculty of Law from 1981-2002. Retirement in 2002. Since then free research associate at the Hamburg Max-Planck-Institute of Comparative and International Private Law. 2009 Dr. iur. honoris causa of the Eötvös Lorand University of Budapest. Member of several national and international associations: e.g. Swiss Society of International Law; German Society of International Law; German Council of Private International Law; International Law Association; International Cultural Property Society; Groupe européen de droit international privé; German Society of Comparative Law; bilateral law associations with Israel, Italy, Turkey and the USA.

▶ MICHAL SOBOTKA, JUDr., Ph.D., graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1996. At present he is a senior lecturer in the Department of Environmental Law. He cooperates intensively with the Czech Ministry for Environment. He is a member of the Czech Waste Management Council and Minister of the Environment Appeal Commission. He is also a Vice-President of the Czech Environmental Law Society. Specialization in waste and water management law, IPPC and EIA regulation. Contributions in several environmental law textbooks, journals, e.g. Legal and Economic Instruments of the Environmental Protection (2002), Textbook on the Czech Environmental Law (2003 and 2007, co-author), Waste Management Act (2005).

▶ PAVEL SVOBODA, Doc., JUDr., PhD., D.E.A., graduated from the Law Faculty of  Charles University in 1984. Studied at the Université Sciences Sociales, Toulouse, France, Academy of International Law in the Haag and Academy of European Law in Florence. Since 1993 he has worked as a professor assistant at the European Law Department of the Faculty of Law of Charles University, since 2000 he has been a visiting professor at the Université Sciences Sociales in Toulouse. He was a member of the Commission for the recodification of copyright law. Between 2004 and 2006 he was a deputy to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Between 2007 and 2009 he worked as an ambassador – permanent representative of the Czech Republic at the Council of Europe. In 2009 he was Minister – Chairman of the Legislative Council of the Government. Since then he has worked as the Counselor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

▶ MARTIN ŠTEFKO, Doc., JUDr., Ph.D., is a Senior Lecturer at the Charles University Faculty of Law, a Fellow at the Max Planck Institute in Munich and a Guest Professor at NOVA Southeastern University in Florida, USA (2009). He holds a degree as Doctor of Law (2003) and a Ph.D. degree (2005), both from Charles University. Martin Štefko teaches a variety of courses in labour law as well as in social security law. He is also the coordinator of the human resources and public employment policy course. His primary research
interest is the Posted Workers Directive and its implementation in EU Member States but he is also active in topics on the relationship between civil law, labour law and immigration law. Martin Štefko has written more than 90 articles published in various legal journals. He has also written, jointly or individually, 20 books concerning labour law and social security law. He also works as a law adviser at the Czech Social Security Administration in Prague and is an honour member of the Expert Board at the Labour Office of Prague.

▶ PAVEL ŠTURMA, Prof., JUDr., DrSc., Professor of International Law, graduated from Charles University in 1985, awarded a research degree at the Institute of Law of the Academy of Sciences where he was a research fellow. Prior to his appointment as lecturer (1995) in international law at the Faculty of Law CU, he worked at IHEI University Paris II (1990–91), Council of Europe (1992) and worked as a UN staff member (UN Office at Vienna, 1992–1994). Since autumn 1997 head of the Department of International Law at the Faculty, since February 2006 Vice Dean for Research and Publications. He is also  author or co-author of several books, as well as many articles published in Czech reviews and abroad (inEnglish or French). Member of the Legislative Council of the Czech Government, member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (The Hague), member of the EU Network of Independent Experts in Fundamental Rights and of several academic and professional associations, visiting professorship at the University Paris XI (2001).

▶ PETR ŠUSTEK, JUDr., Ph.D., graduated at Law Faculty, Charles University in Prague and he is one of the co-founders of the Centre for Medical Law. He is also active as an attorney at law with specialisation on health law. He is a lecturer at Law Faculty (Department for Civil Law, Centre for Medical Law, University Centre for Human Rights) , 2nd and 3rd Faculty on Medicine at Charles University in Prague, as well as at Law Faculty, Palacky University, Olomouc. He is a member of Government Legislative Council.

 LENKA TESKA ARNOŠTOVÁ, JUDr., Ph.D., graduated from Law Faculty, Charles University in Prague in 1999. She has been focused on medical law ever since. From 1999 to 2007 she worked in a variety of positions for the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, where she started in the position of officer and systematically worked her way up to become at first the Head of the Law Unit and later the Deputy Director in the same department. Later on, while holding the position of the Director of Law Department she was also in charge of the Legislative Department. Between 2007 -2009 Lenka Teska Arnoštová held the positions of the Director of Legislative-Law Department and the Director of Internal Services at CzechInvest – The Business and Investment Development Agency. In 2002 Lenka Teska Arnoštová successfully completed her postgraduate studies at the Department of Administration Law, Law Faculty, Charles University in Prague and gained the title of JUDr. – Doctor of Law. In 2009 she successfully finished the doctorate studies with a focus on public law and got her Ph.D. degree. After passing her bar exams in 2009 she worked as a lawyer between 2009 -2014. Since 2007 she has been working as an expert assistant at the First Medical Faculty (Institute of Public Health System and Medical Law). She currently holds the position of the Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. 

▶ LUBOŠ TICHÝ, Prof., JUDr., CSc., retains his position at the Faculty of Law, Charles University as the head of the Centre for Comparative Law and taught European, civil and antitrust law from 1993 - 2009. He has held fellowships at the University of Michigan Law School, the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law in Lausanne and the Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and International Private Law in Hamburg. Member of Board of Directors of the Czech Bar Association (1990/1997), President in 1996. Legal Advisor to Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs (1990/1992), Member and Secretary of the Legislative Committee on Constitution (1991). Member of Coordinating Committee of the Study Group on European Civil Code, member of European Group of Tort Law, member of the Board of Academic Society of Competition Law, member of other international organizations, member of Advisory Board of 3 European legal Journals, member of the Advisory Board of the British Institute for International Private Law. Publications: European Law (editor and co-author, Praha 1999), Private Law Obligations in Conflicts of Laws (co-author, Praha 1989, 2 vol.), Commentary on Czechoslovak Law on Conflicts of Laws (co-author, Praha 1988), and others.

▶ MAREK VÁCHA, Mgr. et Mgr., Ph.D., studied at Faculty of Natural Science at Masaryk University in Brno specialization Molecular Biology and Genetics , in Sts. Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology in Olomouc and in l´Institute d´Etudes Theologiques in Brussels. In 1996, he became a Roman Catholic Priest. Since 2007, Marek Vácha is a Head of Department of Medical Ethics at 3rd Faculty of Medicine in Charles University in Prague. Marek Vácha is also a head of the Academical Senate of 3rd Faculty of Medicine.

▶ TOMÁŠ VOJTÍŠEK, MUDr. et Mgr. et Bc., Ph.D., is both an academic employee at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Masaryk University and St. Anne Hospital in Brno. He is a member of committee of the Czech Society for Legal Medicine and Forensic Toxicology of the Czech Medical Association of Jan Evangelista Purkyne and he is formally appointed by a Minister of Justice of the Czech republic as the expert for Forensic Medicine. Tomáš Vojtíšek studied general medicine at the Faculty of Medicine Masaryk University (1998), has the attestation of Forensic Medicine (2004) and he finished PhD studies in 2009. He studied law at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, Brno and he graduated there in 2015.

▶ ERIKA MARIA WAGNER Univ.Prof. Mag Dr., since 2010 professor at the Institute of Environmental Law and at the Institute of Private Law at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Upper Austria (JKU); deputy director of both institutes since 2004; from 1.10.2004 to 1.10.2010: ao Univ . Prof. at both institutes; 2008 scientific consultant at the law firm of Hasliger / Nagele & Partner, Vienna; 2004 habilitation procedure, venia docendi for the "whole of civil law with special consideration of environmental law"; thesis: "Dogmatic of Legal Injunctions in Civil Law"; several short scientific stays abroad, e.g. at the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, at the European Commission (Belgium), at the Moscow Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law of the Government of the Russian Federation; at the University of Trier; at the Charles University in Prague; from 1997 – 2003 assistant professor at the Institute of Environmental Law and at the Institute of Private Law at; 1996 judicial year at the BG and LG Linz (district and provincial court);  1994 – 1996 doctoral studies in law at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz; promotion in 1996 doctor iuris (dissertation topic: "The Plant in the Civil Neighboring Law”); from 1990 – 1994 studying law at the JKU,  graduation in 1995 as Master of law; several scientific awards.

▶ ZUZANA WEISOVÁ, JUDr., LL.M., Ph.D. After she earned her degree in law at the Law Faculty of the Charles Universityin Prague in 2003, she continued with her studies in Konstanz (LL.M. in 2005) simultaneously with her studies in Prague(Ph.D. in 2007). Since 2004 she has been working at the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic (department of international law), and since 2007 she also has been giving lectures on international and European law (University of Karlovy Vary.)

▶ KAROLINA ŽÁKOVSKÁ, JUDr., Ph.D., graduated from the Faculty of Law in 2001. In 2003 she obtained a Master’s degree from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in Nantes, France. Currently she is a senior lecturer in the Department of Environmental Law. She cooperates actively with the Maritime and Ocean Law Centre of the University of Nantes. She is a member of the Czech Environmental Law Society. She specializes in international environmental law, marine environment and biodiversity protection and chemicals management. She is author or co-author of several contributions in law journals and textbooks, e.g. Textbook on International Environmental Law (2008).

▶ PETRA ŽIKOVSKÁ, JUDr., Mg. A., graduated from the Law Faculty of Charles University in 1995 and from the Academyof Performing Arts in Prague in 1997. Research fellow at the Institute of copyright law, industrial law and competition law since 1995. Specialist in copyright law at music publishing house BMG Ariola ČR/SR between 1997 and 2000. Then she worked in Supraphon a.s. as the head of international department and licensing, and since 2005 she is the director of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Studied law at Utrecht University, Tempus Programme, English Legal System Summer School at Cambridge University, New York University (supported by Fulbright foundation), comparison of the Anglo-American and European copyright law system.