Information regarding the coronavirus infection

Information regarding the coronavirus infection

The Faculty of Law of Charles University (FL CU) is monitoring the situation concerning the spreading of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and is in constant contact with competent bodies of the University, which cooperate with relevant public authorities of the Czech Republic. The FL CU is further in constant contact with its partner universities abroad and adopts necessary individual as well as collective prevention measures in full consensus with these universities.


Incoming guests (students and members of academic staff) are kindly asked to provide the FL CU with a written statement affirming that they have not arrived from a country or region with high level coronavirus occurrence nor have they been, to their best knowledge, in personal contact with any person infected with the coronavirus.


As of the beginning of February 2020 the FL CU has temporarily suspended the academic mobility with Chinese universities for preventive reasons in full consensus with these universities. Incoming mobility from other countries is evaluated on a case-by-case basis given the actual situation but in principle operates as usual.


Incoming guests are advised to follow the most recent information in respect of the coronavirus preventive measures issued by public authorities of their respective countries of origin, transit countries, the Czech Republic (mainly by the Ministry of Foreign Affaires) and CU.


For current information regarding the coronavirus see this webpage of CU.


Please note that every bathroom in the FL CU building has been newly equipped with liquid hand sanitizer for increased protection.